Event Sponsor Information Sheet

Over 350+ Attendees Last Year!

Item Description
“Networking Social” Sponsor
(2 spots available)
“Exhibition Hall” Sponsor
(1 spot available)
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Display Area with two 6ft x 2.5ft Draped Tables Together, Labeled with your Exhibitor Level
AAR Affiliate 1-Year Membership** ($135 value)
# of Boxed Lunches/Drinks and Exhibitor Badges Included ($75 value each)
# of Vehicles Included for Valet or Self-Parking ($12 value each)
Display Location, Logo Placement on all Collateral, Overall Expo Exposure
Large Prominent
Top Premier
AAR Website Banner Ad
3 months ($900 value)
6 months ($1800 value)
Ability to Present an Education Breakout Session During the Expo
(30 min)
(1 hr)
General Speaking Time
2 Minutes at Start of Networking Social
Hourly Throughout Entirety of Expo
AAR Marketing Meeting Bulletin - 8 weeks
1/2 Page ($392 value)
Full Page ($632 value)
AAR Bi-Monthly Magazine Ad - 1 issue
1/2 Page ($125 value)
Full Page ($250 value)
Raffle Drawing (to be provided by AAR)
Draw and Announce Raffle Prize in Networking Reception
Draw and Announce Hourly Raffles and Major Event Raffle ($500 value)

 **To view the benefits of an AAR Affiliate Membership, visit www.TheAAR.com